I’m sure any mama can relate to the momentous feeling of responsibility,
happiness, and overwhelming love the first moment you hold the little life you
created. I felt this immense need and responsibility to capture my son’s first days of life. He was growing, changing, and developing with every moment of every day, and I was desperate to hold onto moments I knew I’d never get back.

The magic of professional photography allows us to pause these sweet moments in time and relive them forever. First 48 sessions take place sometime within – you guessed it – the first two days of the newborn’s life. I feel so honored to be let into the sacred space of safety, warmth, and love surrounding a new little family, and my heart is warmed with the knowledge that the moments I’m able to capture for my families are ones they’ll treasure forever.

Here are a few reasons why you might consider a “First 48” session:

1. This is a special transition time for your family.


I know from experience that the love you and your spouse share before having a child is a world different than the love between you from the moment you become parents. Steven became much more than my husband and my best friend in those first days as “Mommy” and “Daddy.” He was my caregiver when I couldn’t stand by myself. He was my rock when our son was put in NICU less than an hour after birth. He provided more love and support than I thought anyone was capable of giving. Our love grew as much in those first days after Landon’s birth as it had grown in the 7 years we had been together, and I wish I had more photos of us together to document that special shift in our bond.

2. For the first few days, taking photos will be the last thing on your mind.

Capturing the sweet chaos of the first few days of your baby’s life is so
important. Looking back, the days surrounding my son’s birth were a blur of labor, nurses and doctors, learning to breastfeed, acclimating to my new role as a mommy, and welcoming guests. I barely had enough time to shower, much less spend time taking photos.

3. Professional photos are timeless.

In this day of cellphone portrait mode, attachable phone lenses, and Instagram filters, digital photos are easy to come by. Thousands of photos are shared daily over social media, and selfies are more common than studio portraits. Progressing technology is a beautiful thing, but what are we losing in the process?


We are sacrificing timeless treasures in exchange for small file sizes and trends of the moment. Cell phone shots are poor quality and can’t be printed without pixilation. In short, they aren’t timeless. On the other hand, professional photos are just that: professional – in both style and durability. Prints provide you with memories you can physically hold onto and pass down to future generations. When it comes to the photo files themselves, I save every file from every session indefinitely, so they’re yours for life.

4. Step out from behind the camera to be present in the moment.

This is one I’ve had to learn the hard way. Rather than try to snap quick cell phone shots of your little one between visits from family and nurses, breastfeeding sessions, and precious moments of sleep, why not give that responsibility to someone else? While you may not typically enjoy being in front of the camera, you’ll be so glad you relinquished the responsibility of photographing your little one. And years down the road when you look back at the photos from your baby’s first days, your child will see snapshots of cuddles with Mommy and Daddy – not just blurry, pixelated cell phone images of him or her alone.

5. Share a beautiful, genuine representation of your memories with friends and family.


The first few days as a newly formed family are precious, so many parents choose to limit visitors to focus on bonding with their little one. A “First 48” session allows family and friends to witness baby’s first days without infringing on this bonding time.

Contact me, Chelsea with Flightless Bird Photography, for information on booking your very own “First 48” session. Nothing would make me happier or more honored than being invited into this special time in your lives.


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