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I took the morning off to focus on me. 

My son and I went for a walk at a local trail. He fell asleep eating his peanut butter sandwich, and I listened to the "Purposeful Life" podcast while he slept. Lately, I've been intrigued by minimalism and simplicity - and how these notions look in various areas of life. 

Sometimes, I get so consumed with my work that I sacrifice my personal time, health, and time with my family - without even realizing that's what I'm doing at the time. It's busy season. Deadlines are quickly approaching and work is piling up, so I've got to learn to be more intentional with my time.

I realized today that I accomplish more when I'm truly present. I know it sounds obvious and simple, but wearing one hat at a time - be it "photographer" or "mother" or "wife" or "friend" - allows me to give my all in that situation. It's not fair to my work, my son, or my friends and family for me to only give them a small part of myself. So that's going to change. 

I took a few minutes this morning to pray and meditate on a new word to be the foundation for the rest of my year, and I landed on "renew." I want to renew every facet of my life in the hope of awakening the best version of myself. My decisions, intentions, and plans for the rest of 2017 will be based upon their likelihood of renewing specific areas of my life. Tomorrow, renewal may look like creating my own set of editing presets to keep my work cohesive and consistent across the board. Today, it was me taking the time to breathe and create a new mindset.

What does renewal look like for you? What is your word for 2017?